Monday, January 12, 2009

Company Profile::Oakley

A mad scientist named Jim Jannard began questioning the limits of industry standards. “No one believed my ideas,” said Jim. “No one would listen.” In 1975, he went into business for himself. Jim started Oakley with $300 and the simple idea of making products that work better and look better than anything else out there.

In his garage lab, Jim developed a new kind of motorcycle handgrip with a unique tread and a shape that fit the rider’s closed hand. “Everything in the world can and will be made better,” Jim told skeptics, “The only questions are, ‘when and by whom?’” Top pros took notice of the new design and its Unobtainium® material that actually increased grip with sweat.

For Jim, that meant challenging the limits of conventional thinking. His homespun company was struggling yet his next invention would become a mainstay in MX racing for 17 years. Jim created the O Frame® goggle with a lens curved in the perfect arc of a cylinder. Pros like Mark Barnett, Marty Smith, Johnny O‘Mara and Jeff Ward championed its clarity and wide peripheral view.

Jim went back to his lab and started reinventing sunglasses for sports. Few believed it could be done successfully, and most thought the industry’s big companies could not be challenged. Jim used innovations from his previous inventions to create “Eyeshades®,” a design that began an evolution of eyewear from generic accessory to vital equipment.

The first world-class competitor to approach the company was Greg LeMond, who became a three-time winner of the Tour de France. Other pros like Scott Tinley, Mark Allen and Lance Armstrong demanded the performance and protection offered by Eyeshades®.

Decades of innovation brought new product technologies, blends of science and art that have been awarded more than 540 patents worldwide. Today, Jannard’s brand has become the mark of excellence and the solution to challenges facing those who cannot compromise on performance.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Company Profile::K2 Skis

Carefully following the route labeled “Park & Pipe” on his Treasured Trail map, the Captain searched through his spy glass. He had to be close when he spotted an endless progression of groms and pros arcing effortless switch turns while spraying a roost on everyone they passed. The tale of the skis with two tips was a hard one to swallow, and Captain K2 was a man not to be trifled with, but it was hard to deny the lure of the Factory Team loot now that he had witnessed it firsthand. It was total mutiny on skis as he viewed an unbelievable assortment of high-performance twin-tip skis with state-of-the-art technology and graphics for both men and women. These twin tip skis covered the entire spectrum, from pillaging the deepest backcountry lines to piratingthe burliest urban rail. The Captain thought his crew had succumbed to the ship’s nightly vices. But upon closer inspection through his spyglass he noticed his crew of Seth Morrison, Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, Chris Benchetler, Michelle Parker and Sean Pettit was actually pilfering the loot while mocking the Captain from the park....and if that all makes sense, then go grab yourself some K2s!

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