Friday, January 22, 2010

Powder and Friends

It started snowing again in Crested Butte! And the other day I went out skiing with Max and Jenny! We had an awesome day of a couple of fresh inches on the ground just enough to soften up the trees and have some choppy pow on the side of groomers.

We were all skiing fat skis ready for the powder Max and Jenny were on his pro-model Rossignol System Ski that he has donated all the proceeds to Denver's Children Hospital. Not only does Max give his money to the Children's Hospital he has is own camp in the spring for them call "Life Turns". Check out the website. I was on my Armada JJ's that I love!

Back to skiing, Jenny recently separated her shoulder but that doesn't stop her from dropping a knee and getting gnarly with it. Here's Jenny hauling ass and waving "Hi Mom!"

Waving to Mom wasn't enough Jenny had to get her six shooter out and show off for the camera! Yeah get it Jenny!

Everyone ripping it I wanted to get in the action too so I found a little soft snow went with old faithful, the spread eagle crotch grad, one of my all time favorites.

Being the competitor that Max is he couldn't pass up the chance to show me how a true tele spread eagle looks so he went for it, my awesome camera skills caught the moment, almost.

It's still dumping in CB so come out and ski some Pow Now!
When you're up here stop into Colorado FreeSkier and say Hi, we'd love to take some turns with you!

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