Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ohio Mtn and Kill Shot Ridge

What's up everyone my names Forrest Cole, i'm apart of the CFS team and live right outside of crested butte! Lately there's been a lot of snow falling up here in Irwin Co. So far i'd say around 65inches and still snowing!

But before this huge dump my step dad Brent and I bagged a couple of peaks, got some shots, and had some good times!

First let's start off with Ohio peak, i didn't get to many pictures on this trip, but there's enough to show you what went on.

Looking back at Mt. CB

Looking up at our target!

Brent Probing it up, making sure it was safe.

Dropping in after i got the go!

Really sketchy conditions, one side was blower pow, and the other side was horrible punchy snow. Glad i made it down safely!

Next we skied Kill Shot Ridge, in between Ruby and Owen, right above green lake!

After a long skin/post hole we made it to our dropping point. Only to start a pretty big avalanche right where we wanted to drop. So we skied down the ridge aways to a spot a little more open and a little more safe.

You can see the slide we started a little up the ridge.

There's the slide and our tracks!

Further down the hill, past green lake

Ending the run with a little cliff!
Best ski of the year so far, despite the avalanche.

Can't wait for more!

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CFSGabe said...

Sweet pics! Avalaches are so scary right now, thanks for showing everyone how you to the proper precautions. Pow Pow!