Friday, February 12, 2010

February Free-Skiing

WHAT UP, WHAT UP WHAT UP! It is Scriz here bringing you the latest and greatest of what is going on with the Colorado Freeskier familia. In the last week I touched snow for the first time this YEAR (yeah you read that right). As of the last three months I have been in San Francisco studying for the MCAT's. But as the saying goes it is about quality not quantity. So back to the skiing, Level 1 productions drove down from the front range the crew included the hardest working man in the business Mr. Josh Berman, joker by night skier by day Liam Downey, style master Tanner Rainville, and the ambassador of hyphy Adam Delorme. These guys came, they saw, they SLAYED. The pics are of a feature up washington gulch in which Liam, Adam and I hit.

The last pic is looking back at Mt. Crested Butte and man she looks good! Other than that look for the great deals and awesome contests that Colorado Freeskier will be having JEA double JEA! So every one do the snow dance and I will catch you laters.

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CFSGabe said...

Sick pics!
Jea double Jea!