Monday, February 1, 2010

The Epicness of Ecuador!

Whats up all Brandon Clabaugh just getting back to Crested Butte, CO after an epic trip to Ecuador. I took a bunch of pictures through out the trip so I will just take you start to Finish.
So the first Stop was the Capital of Ecuador, Quito. After traveling all day from the States we landed in a sketchy airport in the middle of the mountains in Quito.
For the next 3 days we went around and did some sight seeing around Quito.
First Stop Downtown
The Capital building
The Next day we took a ride up the gondola called Telefonica that brought us to the volcano over looking QuitoThe Volcano
After that we decided to make a trip to the middle of the worldLama Lovin

The Next day we Caught a flight out of Quito at 6am and got into manta at 730 it was a bit different than the mountains and dry air.
Hotel Balcony

Later that day we rented a car and drove up the coast to some chill beach's in a little town that we might have been the only people who spoke english and had a car that ran.

The next day we drove down the coast from manta to Salinas which took about 6 hours but there was so much different landscape it was crazy

So after a long day of driving we got to or final destination of SalinasThe Miami of Ecuador Salinas

A dope penthouse
From Here I went back to the snowy mountains of Crested Butte where we just received over 3 feet in the past week keep looking for new updates

brandon clabaugh