Friday, March 5, 2010

Blazing Conditions in the CB/BC

By Justin "Buntron" Bunting

After a week of copious amounts of snowfall , the Elk range called myself and sick local photographer Mike Horn of Backcountry Magazine out to shred the nearly 40" dump. To completely top things off we were the only users of the area on both days.

We ripped all aspects, with northern and easterly aspects providing the more blower snow conditions. Visibility at times deteriated, confining us to ski hallways in the trees, but who needs to see anyways when your in 40" of superb cron snow.

While we were in the trees most of the morning, we did happen upon some lovely light mid day and decided to step things up a little. This particular natural hit has always given my a chubby, and the small window of light persuaded me this time to send a back of the lip into a bottomless landing. Yeah Babyface!!!!

On the second day, we couldn't turn down a second helping of the tasters choice. I decided to show Mike a special little zone on a eastern aspect that I have been watching fill in. Not only were the turns off the top sweet, but this zone offered a bonus with a steep pillow area that looked more than healthy. Pretty sure no one had been in there all year long so we decided to set up and send it.

Afterwards we decided to drink a few barley pops.