Monday, May 31, 2010

Cottonwood Skiing!

On May 28 I packed up the truck just me and my dog, you all know her as "PO" a great ski buddy, and a great shop dog. Cottonwood Pass just opened like it does every year for Memorial Day weekend. This is always the best time to hit it up. Driving up I was a little nervous that there wouldn't be enough snow but then we pulled up to where I was leaving the truck at the bottom and actually there is more snow than last year. It was a great day and always fun!

Here are the lines we are going to ski, from the peak on the left and right up to the truck.

This is lookers right from the bottom as you can see the red dust hit here hard as well.

Here is the truck parked up and ready to go, perfect to ski right up to it. Po can't wait to get started. Someone please pick us up, we are ready.

Po can't wait, just wondering when the action starts!

The view of hitching from the bottom, Po is more than ready now!
Here come's a truck, grab the gear and go!

This is the first truck that stopped for us but he didn't have room in his cab for us and there was nowhere on the back for us to sit. While I was talking to him, another truck stopped and we hopped in!

Here is the view out of the back of truck that Po and I were picked up in, scopping out our lines from a closer view, we are almost there.

When I got to the top to tag some stickers I saw that it had already been done. Here I'm joined by our local bike shop Big Al's Bicycle Heaven. These guys rock and I'm honored to be on a sign with them. There is also this HUGE Dragon sticker, Loki, our friends at Mountain Wave in Breck and a bunch of other stickers.

This is an old sticker that we made a long time ago, one of our first, and we don't use that logo anymore. Glad to see the originals are still around

Here is my setup on top, of course my ARMADA JJ's, mounted with the MARKER DUKE, thanks to K2 for my poles, and the best gloves in the world, HESTRA, these are the Seth's

This is an awesome view of Taylor Reservoir, it was a busy day out there full of fishermen but tough to see them from this high up.

Po Loves the snow, here she is resting and cooling down, shop dogs love to get out there too!

This is one of the fantastic views from the top, you can see the pass below.

My JJ's got me up and down again, these skis rock and we have a lot of great pics together!

Nicky D!
I met this guy at the top, he ran up in my tracks and ripped it down.
I love meeting skiing buddies in the backcountry.
After we skied down he was kind enough to share his beer with me as we talked about our lines, skiing at the end of May and sharing stories.
Good guy, nice to meet you Nicky!

Cottonwood Pass should be good for another week or so. I was talking with a buddy the other day about a pond skim at the top. Who's in?

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