Friday, May 21, 2010

Off season FUN!

A couple of us from Colorado FreeSkier went out and had a little redneck fun during off-season with GUNS. We love Guns, always respect them, but man they are fun.
We had a .40, .44 mag, a .25 from WWII, and a shotgun!
Enjoy the pics and hope you are having a good off-season!
Gabe Shootin' skeet

Bill's turn

Gabe dropping Birds, or just skeet

Phil poppin off his .40, that thing has a ton of kick!

Luke lettin loose with the big .44 mag

Phil showin off the size of his gun, he's 6'4"

Bill with his WWII .25

Gabe about to unload a round with the .44

And here is one of our favorite moments from this last Olympics that we had to share with you

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